Our Story

Like so many others, my inspiration came from desperation as my oldest daughter had a lazy eye at the age of 4 and had to patch several hours a day.  We battled through the tears and trauma caused by the sticker patches each and every morning for a year.  Finally, I couldn't do it anymore and set out to find a HAPPIER solution. 

That is when I designed a reusable patch made of felt that would slip over her eyeglasses, offering peripheral occlusion and most of all-comfort, as it didn't adhere to her skin. She happily patched for another year, completely tear-free, and successfully regained sight in her lazy eye! 

My daughter's Ophthalmologist did not endorsed cloth patches at the time...UNTIL I showed him my design for Patch Me. This patch offers a wide area of coverage so peeking is impossible and best of all, it won't slip on the frames. He liked them so much, he offered to sell them in his shop and personally endorses them to any patient who needs to wear an eye patch!  Now I send these fun designer eye patches to optical shops all over the U.S!

Many times I will be asked if I am enjoying what I do.  I immediately think of all the pictures and testimonials I get from parents telling me how excited their child was to receive their new patch and how much easier  it has made things.  So, YES!  I enjoy what I do and I LOVE hearing successful patching stories day after day!